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Big Easy Lawn Care is the top landscaping service in New Orleans, known for its unmatched quality and skill. We’re all about excellence and ensuring every job meets our high standards, turning outdoor areas into stunning landscapes. We customize our services to meet your needs, making us the first choice for anyone looking for the best landscaping in New Orleans. Count on us to improve your outdoor space with our expert touch.

Types of Landscaping Services We Offer

1. Landscape Design

Initial Assessment

Landscape design begins with a comprehensive assessment. Specialists assess the soil condition, level of sunlight exposure, and drainage capacity on your property. This step is crucial for a successful garden in New Orleans.

They also look at existing plants and structures. The goal is to decide what stays or needs changes. Your property’s size and layout guide realistic landscaping goals.

Conceptual Design

After the initial check, comes the conceptual design phase. Here, ideas start taking shape based on your preferences and the assessment findings. It’s about imagining what could be before getting into specifics.

This stage bridges dreams with practicality. It creates a clear vision for your outdoor space that blends your desires with the actual possibilities.

Detailed Plans

The detailed plans get specific, focusing on plant selection suitable for New Orleans’ climate. Plants are chosen not just for their beauty but for their ability to thrive year-round here.

Designers consider growth patterns too. They aim to prevent future issues like overcrowding or excessive shading that can harm your garden’s health.

Proper spacing is planned out meticulously as well. It ensures good air flow around plants which helps prevent diseases.

  • Choosing right species
  • Avoiding future overcrowding
  • Ensuring proper spacing

2. Landscape Installation


A diverse garden showcasing a variety of plants, creating a vibrant and colorful landscape.For planting, we select native plants that thrive in New Orleans’ climate. Strategic placement makes things look good and helps them grow. Preparing the soil right is key for plants to thrive.

Trees and shrubs add life to landscapes. They are essential for designing pathways, retaining walls, and water features. These elements combine functionality with beauty. Materials like stone, brick, or concrete are popular. They withstand New Orleans’ weather well.

For public or commercial spaces, ensuring ADA compliance is crucial. This makes areas accessible to everyone.


We incorporate hardscape elements like patios and walkways too. The materials chosen complement the natural surroundings well. Installation methods focus on durability and safety.

Irrigation Systems

Efficient water systems are designed next. This includes sprinklers, drips, and automated systems suitable for New Orleans weather changes.

3. Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Care

Lawn care includes frequent mowing, custom fertilization, and safe weed control for pets and kids. We plan projects carefully to minimize disruptions. We aim to finish work within the agreed timelines. Competitive pricing is a hallmark, but not at the expense of quality or sustainability.

Contracts from these services detail everything upfront. This includes scope, costs, and what clients should expect. It’s all about transparency and trust.


Pruning techniques keep trees healthy. Dead or diseased branches are removed to promote new growth. Plants are shaped according to the landscape design aesthetics.

Routine maintenance schedules are key to healthy landscapes. Service providers tailor these plans to each property’s needs. In New Orleans, this might include seasonal tasks like leaf removal or hurricane preparation.

Homeowners receive advice on simple upkeep tasks too. This empowers them to maintain their landscape’s beauty between professional visits.

Seasonal Clean-up

Post-storm clean-ups remove debris. Landscapes get prepared for upcoming seasons through winterizing or spring preparations. Mulching protects beds from temperature fluctuations.

Pest Management

Pest management solutions vary widely in scale. They range from small garden tweaks to full backyard overhauls. Landscaping services offer flexible packages too. Customers can choose one-time help or ongoing support.

Safety is always a priority with these insured services respecting property boundaries thoroughly.

4. Landscape Improvements

Upgrading existing features can modernize an outdoor space significantly. Adding functional spaces like outdoor kitchens enhances usability while fire pits add warmth during cooler evenings in New Orleans. Strategic planting or fencing enhances privacy effectively.

Importance of Professional Services

1. Aesthetic Value

Landscaping services aim to improve how a property looks. They create balanced design elements that enhance the visual appeal of the property. Professionals select color schemes that complement the architecture of your home. This ensures everything looks cohesive and attractive.

Adding lights to your outdoor area makes it look nicer at night and also makes it safer. It makes pathways visible and deters potential intruders.

2. Property Value

Investing in professional landscaping can boost your home’s value because it makes your property look better and more appealing to buyers. They’ll think the whole property is well-maintained. It’s a good long-term investment that pays off more than it costs initially.

3. Environmental Benefits

Choosing native plants for your garden supports local wildlife habitats. These plants need less water and upkeep, saving money and helping the environment. Experts use rain gardens to control stormwater runoff well. This reduces erosion and pollution in local waterways.

Eco-friendly landscaping choices help reduce your carbon footprint too. By selecting these options, you contribute to a healthier planet.

Why Hire Professional Landscaping Services

Expertise and Knowledge

Man in green shirt mowing lawn with lawn mower.Professional landscapers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise. They design landscapes that boost business fronts while considering practical aspects like customer foot traffic. Their designs often reflect a company’s brand identity or values, making the space more appealing.

They also offer reliable maintenance services. This ensures commercial properties look their best all year round. Such expertise is crucial for adapting landscapes to New Orleans’ unique climate and urban layout.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Hiring skilled workers saves time and money. Always check a landscaper’s qualifications, reviews, and past work before hiring. During consultations, assess their communication skills as this indicates service quality.

When comparing quotes, look beyond price points. Consider what services are included versus additional costs that may arise later on. This approach helps find the most cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or necessary features for your landscape.

Long-term Care and Maintenance

Choosing the right landscaping service provider in New Orleans has significant impacts. It affects aesthetic appeal, environmental sustainability, property value, time efficiency, cost-effectiveness, expertise level required, long-term care commitment needed residential vs commercial service considerations), and ultimately satisfaction with the completed project).

Engaging with a professional team transforms outdoor spaces into functional areas tailored specifically to your needs whether residential or commercial). Making informed decisions during provider evaluation will achieve a balance between nature’s beauty and practicality within your landscape).

Choosing a Landscaping Service

Residential Services

When searching for landscaping services in New Orleans, it’s important to know the difference between residential and commercial services. Residential landscaping improves the look and use of private homes through garden design, lawn care, and adding water features. It’s tailored to homeowners’ tastes, offering personalized options like flower beds or vegetable gardens to make outdoor spaces enjoyable.

Commercial Services

Commercial landscaping services focus on big projects for businesses, public spaces, and large properties. They aim to make these areas look good and handle a lot of use. This includes designing attractive green spaces for companies and setting up irrigation systems for big parks. They make sure the landscapes are tough and meet the needs of the business.

Evaluating Providers

When picking a provider, consider their experience with projects like yours, whether it’s for home or business.

  • Look at past projects.
  • Read customer reviews.
  • Verify licenses and insurance.

Secondly, understand their approach to sustainability and environmental protection. They must use eco-friendly practices in their work.

Lastly, discuss your budget upfront to ensure their services align with what you can afford without compromising quality.

Explore Our Landscape Services

In New Orleans, landscaping services offer a wide range of options to improve both homes and businesses. These services cover everything from design to maintenance, ensuring beautiful landscapes reflect New Orleans’ unique vibe.

Choosing a reliable service like Big Easy Lawn Care is crucial for quality and sustainable results. They specialize in turning outdoor areas into attractive, useful spaces that fit each client’s needs.

Working with our experts allows property owners to enhance their outdoor space, contributing to New Orleans’ beauty and environmental health, with designs that match the city’s lively atmosphere.

Hire Big Easy Lawn Care for Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services

Big Easy Lawn Care is known in New Orleans for improving outdoor areas for both homes and businesses. We focus on high-quality service, making any space, big or small, look great. For homeowners, we create relaxing spaces perfect for families and entertaining, with beautiful lawns and flower beds.

Call us today at (504) 267-2333, or you may fill in our contact form! We give you the best landscaping service for residential and commercial properties in New Orleans. Our commitment is towards excellence, ensuring every project we undertake reflects our high standards of quality and aesthetics.

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