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Weed cutting services are an important part of lawn care programs. Without it, your lawn will become overrun by weeds and other vegetation that can make your yard look unsightly.

You may not want to take the time or spend the money on weed control if you don’t have a lot of weeds in your yard, but this is actually where most people make their mistakes.

It’s much easier to maintain a healthy lawn with regular weed cutting than it is once your grass starts dying off from too many weeds.

The first step for any homeowner looking to keep their lawn looking great should be hiring Big Easy Lawn Care for weekly weed control service!

Weed Cutting Lawn Services

Weed cutting service is the process of removing weeds from a lawn or garden. This service can be done by a professional or an amateur.

There are many methods for removing weeds, but the most common is to use a weed cutter or herbicide.

Cutting the weeds manually is often more effective and less dangerous than using herbicide, but there are many situations where weeding is not feasible.

Why is Weed Cutting Lawn Maintenance Necessary?

lawn mowing service- Big Easy Lawn CareWeed cutting service is important because weeds:

  • Rob the soil of nutrients and moisture that would otherwise be used by ornamental plants or grasses.
  • Can also cloud out desirable plantings, even trees that may be affected by the shade of weed growth.
  • Can harbor insects and mosquitoes
  • Spread plant disease
  • Create root systems that are damaging to buildings’ foundations, walls, storm drains, or sewer lines

Weed cutting service is especially important when removing invasive weeds that may be threatening local habitats or ecosystems.

Different Weed Cutting Equipments

There are various types of weed cutting equipment that are used for this purpose. The most common ones are weed hackers lawn, hedge trimmers, and mowers.

Weed Hackers

garden equipment- Big Easy Lawn CareA similar in construction to grass-cutting mowers. The only difference is that they possess a long, flat blade on the bottom of the machine that allows it to cut through taller weeds and brush.

These weed hackers are most effective when pulled behind a riding lawn mower or tractor. It is also possible to purchase weed hackers that come with a wheel attachment, allowing them to be pulled behind a walk-behind lawnmower.

Hedge Trimmers

This equipment is also effective for cutting tall weeds and brushes because of its long blade and it is relatively inexpensive. It can either be gas-powered or electric.

The gas-powered types normally are used by professionals, but the electric types are also quite effective. They are also easier to handle and can be used with one hand if required.


This equipment is best suited for cutting tall grass because of its long wheelbase.

However, care must be taken to ensure that all debris has been cleared before the lawnmower is used for lawn mowing.

Different Weed Cutting Techniques

There are many different weed cutting techniques that can be employed, but some of the most commonly used ones are discussed below:

Spot Weed Cutting

This technique is particularly useful for dealing with weeds in isolated areas such as around stumps or small depressions in the ground.

As a first step, a strong stream of water is directed at the weed so as to soften it up. This way, the weed can be pulled out without much effort.

Shoulder Cutting

This technique is useful for dealing with weeds that have grown taller than usual. First, a cut is made across the base of the trunk which causes it to fall over. When the weed is lying flat, a cut is made across its stem with a sharp blade.

A similar technique can be used for dealing with creepers and vines – firstly their stems are severed near ground level and then they are pulled out from the root as far as possible so as to ensure that all of it comes out more easily.

Slice Cutting

Lawn mower in the garden- Big Easy Lawn CareThis technique is ideally suited for dealing with weeds that are located close to the ground. A sharp blade is used for this procedure, and cuts are made across the entire width of the weed so as to ensure that it is completely severed.

It is important to ensure that all pieces have been removed because there might be a chance of it growing back if some pieces are left lying around.

In addition to these, there are other weed cutting techniques that can also be employed such as chopping, slicing, and whacking. The use of protective equipment should also be considered since operating a weed cutter can cause contact dermatitis or even serious injury.

Lastly, it is important to note that using weed cutting equipment is only effective for the initial stages of weed growth. Once the weeds grow beyond a certain height, it will be necessary to use hand-pulling techniques or some other form of manual labor.

Choose Big Easy Lawn Care for Your Lawn Care Services

Big Easy Lawn Care is the perfect choice for weed cutting service in the Covington area because we have a team of experienced lawn care professionals who can take care of the job quickly and efficiently.

We use state-of-the-art equipment that helps us get the job done right, every time and we offer competitive rates that will fit into any budget.

So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable weed cutting service in the Covington area, contact us today!

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